The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....

    No survivors (Yaiba only)

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    No survivors (Yaiba only)

    Post by Yaiba Zetsumei on Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:06 am

    Yaiba and his team of five Lycanthrope's were on a mission to over take or destroy a small fishing town near the coast of their island. This town was made of wood and stood on stilts, right in between the Lycans Island (Ookami) and the big island of Japan. [color:ca28=white}"Okay men today we wipe out the small town, they have stepped foot on our land to many time! Today they DIE!"

    Yaiba's team cheered. The team consisted of, (in order from strongest to weakest) Yaiba Tsurugi male, and the ability to form his reishi into anything used in fights and wars. Shimo Yamagachi female and the ability to form what ever she wants out of her icy reishi. Yuuko Hasa male, the power to shroud him and his enemy with darkness rendering them blind. Sukai Kimi female and the power to use the wind as blades. Kasai Kaji male, the ability to burn any thing at his will with his burning reishi. Ame Rein female, she can drown what she wishes with mass amounts of water. Shimo Yamagachi is also Yaiba's girlfriend.

    Yaiba finished giving his motivational speech, and telling each person what their job was when they get there. "With our sochi we will be able to get to the village in five minuets maximum. If you slow down the sea will consume you, and no one will come back for you until the mission is over. Is this clear?"
    "Yes sir, we under stand!"
    "Good than let's get going!" Each sochi'd off of the island in a heart beat, following their leader with no hesitation. Because of their speed, when they touched the water they did not go under. They reached the town within two and a half minuets. "Village of Krakatai it is time you pay for disrespecting the land of the Lycanthrope's. Yuuko cover the entire town in darkness, to make this easy on our part."
    "Yes sir." To call on this much power Yuuko had to resort to his release phrase “shroud all in darkness, Shaki Hitai." He closed his eyes and held his hands out, making the shape of a cross out of his body. Black balls form in the palms of Yuuko’s hands. The balls grew at a rapid pace, engulfing Yuuko then the others in only a matter of seconds. Soon enough the town was surrounded in a giant dome of black reishi stopping time, and blocking out all light, inside of it.
    ”Okay the rest of you can do whatever you wish to the village and its people, but the chief is mine.” Yaiba walked off towards the biggest building in the village. When Yaiba showed up at the door of the chief’s house, he kicked the door in. After the door fell to the ground, hinges still on the side of the door itself, Yaiba just wandered in to see the chief sitting in the corner of the room coring in fear. ”Really, this is the chief of this small town. Pathetic. I thought you would be more…… Menacing than this.” Yaiba walked over to the coward of a man, crouched down so he could see the fear in the eyes of the chief.
    Yaiba raised his hand, “Reishi masamune.” A masamune started to form in the palm of Yaiba open right hand. Yaiba closed his hand, then turned it one-hundred eighty degrees. With the tip of the blade facing the chiefs heart Yaiba brought it down and through the chief’s chest. Yaiba stood and left the building. By the time Yaiba reached Yuuko the black dome had started to fade, and every body else was there too.
    ”Okay, Ame destroy the stilts and makes sure that there is none of the village above water.” Yaiba ordered her calmly.
    ” Yes sir. Drown them all, Mizu Nagashi!” She raised he hands to create a giant wave, and crashed it down on top of the village, destroying most of it. Then she made a whirlpool directly underneath the village, sinking it to the bottom of the sea.
    “Good, now let’s go home.” The team ran back home this time under one and a half minuets. Getting back home felt good, being back on there land. No one even noticed their absence.

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