The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....

    Bas Anois Dia

    Bás Anois Dia

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    Bas Anois Dia

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    Name: Bas Anois Dia
    Age: 38
    Sex: Male
    Bas stands at a daunting 6'1 which coupled with his heavy built body and broadshould makes him a very imposing fellow. His body is riddled with scars and tatto's , both of which are easily mistake of the other as the tatto's were done by skillless artist and the scars done by pro's. He dawns a long red trench coat, a matching hat, thick glasses and black boots.

    Bas life begun inside a prison. His mother was a convicted serial killer and was thrown into the darkest prision possible for her. Her crimes were so aweful never the fact of her being with child didn't stop them locking her away. Bas remember little of only that when she died he was set free. Having never been out of the cell the sun light burned his eyes. For the next six years of his lift Bas travel from place to place doing what ever was needed to surivive. He stole, killed, dealth drug and worst so long as it ment he would surive another day. It wasn't long before his life style brought him back to prison. He was sentance to fifteen years in prison though this time his prison was more civilized.

    It was inside the confinement of the prision Bas learned to read&write, about the world and of many things he'd never imagined even exisited before. His time here was easy however, just like the outside everyday was a fight to surive. By the first week Bas had been stabbed four times but he soon realized what need to be done to surive. In his second week he killed the five men in his cell using his hands and their bones. By the time his orginal sentance was completeled Bas had killed over seventy eight men inside the prision yearning his a life sentance. Well to other a life sentance was a horrible fate but to Bas the prison was his world and the only one he could surivie in.



    Spirit Power: 10

    Fighting Skill: 25

    Speed:  15

    Superhuman Powers

    First Ability:

    Bas abilities is the ritual summoning of those he was slain privously. He summons theirs power for his own and even their bones. His intial ability is to summon the bones of his victims and fuse them together to create a bone sword. This sword cries out with the screams of hundreths and as more fall to it the more screams that can be heard. At will this sword can seperated into as many despired peices and fired at the enemy.

    Second Ability:

    Bas summons the bones of his vicitims to fight once more. Skeletons rise from the ground to do his biding as they should have done in file. Though blood thrity and dangerous these beasts are rather frail, rarely suriving long. The summon of these skletelon is very costing however maintaning them is and none last over ten minutes.

    Max Number of Skeletons. 3 + rank x 3
    eg rank 4 = 3 + 4x3= 15
    Duration: 2 psot
    Cooldown: 1 post

    (these things are more writing tools than anything else)

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