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    Arrancar and a Mission


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    Arrancar and a Mission

    Post by MinKyung on Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:08 am

    Min Kyung sprinted through the hot sands of the Desert that lied in Hueco Mundo, feeling the sting in his paws as the heat seeped its way into his paws. This increased his will to speed himself up. The quicker he landed, the quicker he would push off that foot, propelling himself forward. The sand, however, did prove to add resistance to him as he struggled to keep his balance in the forever shifting sands under his paws. He cracked his tail like a whip off the dry air in the Desert, still traveling quickly to the place of his destination.

    He was traveling at his fastest pace when he felt a strong sense of Spiritual Pressure. He stopped in his tracks, feeling the earth rumble and shake. Min Kyung barked, unsure about the feeling that he was experiencing. The Desert, or anywhere for that matter, was no safe place for any living thing. A place where it was a constant war of kill or be killed, Hollows who crave more than that of human souls who would feed off of the souls of Hollows, slowly absorbing enough until turning into Menos Grande, then those stronger ones who’s ambition propelled them past the trivial level of Menos, and placed the strong members of the Adjuchas. The very few demonic beings who would not even stop at that level, who’s power and thirst for blood would place them at an unbelievable level of Vasto. Some time ago, however, a group of Hollows at the varying levels, manifested their powers to become Arrancar, and under a shinigami that betrayed the Gotei 13, murdering the Central 46, formed the group of the ten strongest Arrancar in all of Hueco Mundo, and their name was Espada.

    Min Kyung jumped high off the sand when he noticed a being that resembled a samurai strike down where he was. Min Kyung was stronger, thankfully, then he was in Earth, and this increased strength helped him survive. The Samurai charged towards him, swinging his shiny white sword towards Min Kyung’s body. Min Kyung whipped his tail around, grasping the sword, stopping the progress of the sword and attempting to disarm the Samurai. Min Kyung laid eyes on this samurai, admiring it’s relatively small head, wandering his eyes downward to analyze the body. He found possibly the most beautiful set of breasts laying under the chest armor that was formed to fit this woman’s curvy body. Min Kyung howled at the excitement. Not only was this a Hollow of extreme power, the level of Arrancar no doubt, but it was an amazing woman with an unimaginable sex appeal. This fight was going to be fun.

    The Samurai whipped back his arm, throwing Min Kyung skyward. She then used sonido to flash into his view, swinging her brilliantly curved blade towards him. He was helpless but to whip around his tail once more, failing to grip it, instead deflecting the attack away from his body. Deafening bark Min Kyung opened his mouth wide, showing the razor sharp fangs as he barked out a deafening thunderous sound wave that crashed into the Arrancar. This one was fairly weak, and surprised Min Kyung. Fairly weak, for an Arrancar that is, for she was still levels stronger than Min Kyung.

    ”It’s amazing that you’re not dead yet, but for you to have landed a hit on me? You are truly an admirable opponent. Tell me your name, and I will remember it forever as the Hollow who landed a hit on the Samurai of the Desert! She announced after being knocked back from the sound wave. Min Kyung answered with silence, whipping his tail around in a circular motion, spinning up a storm of sand, blinding both of the fighters. Min Kyung focused on her reiatsu, jumping into the cloud of sand. He neared her body, whipping his tail towards her chest, hoping the land a hit. No luck came, for his attack was parried easily by the Samurai. He moved out of the cloud, gaining his stance. He jumped back, this time attacking before coming into the visual range. He opened his mouth once more, blowing out his Deafening Bark Once more. The samurai ducked underneath the sound wave, bringing her blade towards the wolf, slicing into his side. He yelped out a whimper similar to that of a large dog being hit. He twirled through the air, avoiding further damage as he landed, sliding across the burning sands. He stood up, licking the blood from his fur. ”My name is Min Kyung. The Wolf Hollow! How did you avoid my attack and hit me regardless of no visuals?” He asked, curious as to how he acquired his wound.

    The Samurai answered with silence as the sand cloud dissipated. She removed the Samurai mask, revealing milky white eyes with no pupils. This woman was blind. HOW?! Min Kyung wondered to himself. She was blind, yet still able to fight with such skill AND become an Arrancar. Nevertheless, this kill would be worth the while. Min Kyung cracked his tail against the wind giving off the false location as he then brought his tail towards her, driving the speared tip towards the woman. She effortlessly raised her sword, deflecting the shock. ”Fool. I don’t base my movements off of sound, although a reasonable thought process for a wolf, however I feel vibrations, through sound, air, and ground. There is no way you will win. I wish no longer to fight this battle. It’s no longer interesting to me. The master wishes to see you.”

    Min Kyung froze in his spot, tailing falling flaccidly to the ground. The master wanted to see the likes of a low hollow? What could this mean? Was Min Kyung in trouble? Was he going to be killed, praised, or other actions? All these thoughts flooded his mind as the samurai grabbed him, hoisting him on her shoulders. She used sonido to make her way back to the palace where the master awaited their arrival. Min Kyung hesitantly walked in, not knowing what to expect. The master, shrouded by darkness, placed a hand out, gesturing for Min Kyung to take his place in front of him. ”You have showed great fighting ability against the Samurai of the Desert, and so I choose you for this mission. I need you to take a group of Hollows, and stage a mass attack on the land of Karakura. The shinigami presence has been increasing in this town, and they are stopping us from gaining the advantage that we need. We can effectively harvest the spiritual pressure from those in the town, and open our own gate to Seireitei. From there we will stage our attack on the Shinigami, wiping them from existence once and for all. Leave the battle in Seireitei to the Espada, for they will be able to fight them on equal ground. Your primary focus is to fight whoever stops you in Karakura. You will leave for the town first, and if needed, we will send in back up. Go forth to your fate. Do not fail me Wolf.” Min Kyung said nothing, being unworthy to speak to the master. He only nodded his head and turned to leave. He walked out of the palace, making his way to the dimension gate that some of the Arrancar had already opened for him to return to the earth. He jumped through the gate, moving forward with his mission, and his destiny.


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