The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....

    Saroki Kaname


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    Saroki Kaname

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    Saroki Kaname

    Appears 14, Actually 23


    Saroki stands at 5'4", she is lithe, slim, and on the surface even appears frail. Many of her features still retain a childish quality, all of which are very feminine. Long red hair flows from her head like velvet, ending at her lower back. Her blood red eyes glimmer like rubies in the sun.

    In the place of any standard uniform Saroki wears: A black trench coat that is always left open. The coat hangs down low to her thighs, it's collar long and wide, covering her neck. Under that she wears a smooth black shirt that clings to every feature of her torso, a zipper placed down the middle, allowing her to change into different clothing easily if the need arises. For her waist she wears a sturdy pair of black pants. To further tighten them to her body she wears a black sash that is fastened to her waist. Depending on the situation Saroki may wear a pair of black boots or a set of geta.


    Saroki was born to a mother of japanese origin, her wealthy father was of european origins. Saroki was born in Osaka, Japan. She spent most of her childhood in japan, living with her mother. Her father was a wealthy business spokesman, and was often forced to travel to different regions and continents, thus Saroki never really knew about her father other than what her mother told her. Saroki had a somewhat normal childhood with the exception of her missing father, she did well in her academic endeavours, but she never considered herself to be smart. She didn't care much for social activities, for one reason or another. In any case it allowed her to focus her time on studying.

    It wasn't until her 14th birthday that she actually properly met her father. It was a warm saturday afternoon when her father pulled into the driveway. Her parents talked for the longest time, leaving Saroki in a suffocating sense of anticipation. Finally they came to a conclusion, Saroki's father would take her along one of his business trips, no doubt suggested by her mother. In any case the news excited the young girl. The next day the two of them boarded a plane that was headed to New York. Half way through the flight the plane was caught in an unexpected storm. Thunder struck the plane and sent it hurtling down into the ocean. Saroki did not survive.

    Being thrown into the rabid streets of the runkongai was harsh, even for someone as spirited as Saroki was. No matter how determined she was, there was no denying she was still just a mere child. She was often times robbed of what little amount of money or food she could scavenge. Because of her constant resistance she was constantly beaten. This continued for quite a few years, so long that her senses had become numb, uncaring. Being the feisty juvenile she was gave her a small reputation, the 'predators' of the streets tended to stray from Saroki, if not just to save the trouble of interfering with her.

    On a particulary cold day the most unlikely of things occurred. There Saroki sat on the sidewalk, staring straight ahead unconciously. She felt a light tap on her shoulder, she looked up and saw a tall motherly looking woman. The woman smiled at her contently, giving Saroki an odd sense of comfort. "Excuse me, are you cold?" The woman spoke. Saroki stared back inquisitively, of course she was cold! How could anyone be warm in this kind of dreadful weather?! She wanted to shout something like that at her, but she figured her throat was too dry to formulate such a complex sentence. "Y...Yes..." She spat out quietly, patheticly. The woman bent over slightly and offered her hand to Saroki. "Why don't you stay at my place?" She said warmly. Saroki felt she could trust the woman, she didn't know why, but it was like her aura was pure, unlike most of the residents of the rukongai. She went with the woman, it was better than freezing in the cold in any case.

    Saroki found out that the woman was leading a small orphanage on the fringes of the rukongai, it was a dangerous place, but most left the orphanage alone. There she met other children, who were surprisingly friendly. She led a very pleasent life at the orphanage compared to her hellish time as a street urchin. It was there at the orphanage she spent the rest of her childhood, until she turned seventeen. The orphanage wasn't doing so well, infact most weeks it barely scraped in enough money to keep itself afloat. That is what influenced Saroki's decision to leave the orphanage to join the ranks of the shinigami. Other work places wouldn't hire her for her obvious lack in strength, but she had heard rumours that the gotei would hire anyone that had potential. She made it into the academy with unexpected ease, infact she was commended for her remarkable determination.

    And so began her job as a shinigami. Every month she would recieve a modest pay check for her work, the majority of which she sent off to the orphanage to keep it alive. It wasn't so bad in the end, the gotei supplied her with a bed to sleep in and food for her consumption. On top of that she would be able to support the orphanage, and all the while improve her combative skills.

    And so began Saroki's life as a shinigami.

    Character Transfer

    RP Sample

    It was late afternoon in the world of the living, Saroki had been given her first real job, patrol. Nothing glamorous, but she couldn't expect her superiors to give her something important when she was fresh out of the academy. Part of her hoped that she wouldn't come across anything peculiar, save her the trouble of investigating. The place she was patrolling was rather unique in that it's spiritual content was much richer than other locations. The name of the joint was 'Karakura', some town out in the middle of nowhere, it mattered little to Saroki. No doubt her briefing was true, the place was crawling with spiritual entities, and she could sense it. What she failed to realize was that they could feel her presence aswell.

    She nimbley hopped roof to roof. Thats when she felt it, a murderous presence that was very close to her. Something was different though, if this was a normal hollow she would've been able to sense it from a mile away, how did it manage to slip through her senses so easily? The girl had no time to ponder as the agressive spiritual pressure rapidly approached. Unfortunately she was mid air at the time, and thus had little opportunity to manuever her body. She twisted her body to face the presence, but it was futile. Before she could even react the enemy was upon her, in the shape of a...Shinigami?!

    The enemy before her, was none other than a fellow shinigami, probably fresh out of the academy just like her, he was a tall pale man with black hair and cloudy dark eyes. His movements were slurred, if she had to describe it he would be similar to a zombie. In any case his zanpakuto was already drawn, and he was clearly hostile. The fast shinigami sliced downards at the helpless Saroki, to which she replied by catching the sword in mid slice with her hands. This bought her enough time to make a safe landing. She planted her feet down onto the roof and pushed the man away, unsheathing her own zanpakuto.

    The possessed shinigami shunpoed up ontop of the roof, facing Saroki. He charged forward silently. The disoriented Saroki met his charge with her own. She slashed her zanpakuto down diagonally, she felt a loud shock wave travel into her zanpakuto and into her body, the two swords had met. Sparks flew as both forces fought for dominance. Saroki grinned, when it came to brute force noone in the academy hoped to compare, infact she counted on it for most of her fights. She pushed forward with all of her might, the enemy shinigamis feet sliding back. She raised her left leg and with a swift violent motion she thrusted it into the shinigamis torso with all of her might. The enemy flew back like a ragdoll, falling off of the roof and limply hitting the concrete below.

    Saroki jumped down to check the mans pulse, he was still alive, just unconcious. By now she had hypothesized that some sort of hollow was using some variation of mind control to use the shinigami against her. But if that was the case, then there would have to be some sort of connection...Saroki closed her eyes and listened for anything that could prove useful, what she found was conclusive. A spiritual presence was rapidly fleeing the area. She figured it was the best lead she had and began to follow the presence. It didn't take long for her to catch up with the presence, and finally catch a glimpse of her true enemy. It took a few moments for her to register what she was looking at. Essentailly, it was a black slug, about the size of a soccer ball.

    She approached it, the pathetic hollow moving away at about the speed of cold honey. She spat at the hollow, cursing it for the trouble it had caused it. She raised her zanpakuto up into the air and brought it down towards the slug, trying to cleave it in half. But just before her blade reached the slimy skin of the beast she felt a sharp pain in her back. She glanced back to see the source of the pain, and to her shock it was the man from before, somehow he had regained conciousness. She let out a small, agony filled gasp as she felt the cold steel of the mans zanapkuto cut through tendons and muscle. Blood spurt from the wound like an unholy fountain. She let out an angry shout before raising her zanpakuto in the air once more and successfully cleaving the slug in two. With the hollow dead the man should've been set free, at least that was what she hoped.

    She turned around to see the unconcious man, color had returned to his face and his black hair turned brown. It would seem that he had been broken free from the hollows control. She tried to smirk, but the pain in her back didn't allow for such luxury. She let out a distress signal and soon recieved help from one of the local patrols. She returned to the seiretei to rest. She checked the man later on to find that he was perfectly fine other than a few scrapes and bruises. Saroki herself however wasn't so lucky. The injury she had recieved would take at least a few days to heal. Saroki cursed her fate, she really didn't plan on getting hospitalized on her first actual job. But she refrained from getting too upset, after all...

    Getting herself injured was part of the job.

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    Re: Saroki Kaname

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    Rank: 5

    Spirit Power: 40

    Speed: 25

    Fighting Skill: 25


    Current Technique Points: 12

    Shunpo (Flash Step)
    Is a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps.
    Requirements: Rank 2 and 25 speed

    Kido Teir 1 (1-10)



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    Re: Saroki Kaname

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    Sealed Zanpakutō

    Zanpakutō Name
    Owari (The End)

    Zanpakutō Description
    A simple katana, the handle is covered in black cloth, the circular guard is also colored black, the katana itself is 30 inches long, making it slightly longer than other katana's. The blade is usually held within a black wooden sheath that fits the blade perfectly.


    Call Out Phrase
    Hajimeru Owari (Begin The End)

    Description Of Released Form

    On release, a looming darkness engulfs Saroki, and in an instant her zanpakuto is transformed into an innocent looking wakizashi. It's about 24 inches long, making it a little longer than most ordinary wakizashi. The handle aswell as the sheath are made out of a hard spirit infused wood. A goldish looking banding secured the blade to the handle. Being so small, the zanpakuto is extremely dense with spirit particles, so much that it is much sharper and durable than other zanpakuto

    First Ability
    Saroki's spiritual energy is condensed and abruptly released in a violent, raging torrent of dangerous spiritual power. Depending on the amount of power Saroki puts into the attack it can range from being quick and weak to being strong, but slower. If one would to be hit by the attack, it's properties would become apparent almost instantly. The wave doesn't just hit the opponent hard, it corrodes, it decays the things around it. The torrent almost acts like an extremely potent acid, fueled by immense amounts of spiritual power. It's strong enough to literally eat through most substances: Most undeveloped hollows don't stand a chance, sometimes even sealed zanpakuto aren't enough to keep it at bay. However, the ability is strictly confined to the limits of Saroki's zanpakuto, once it leaves the blade it cannot be controlled, it can however manifest itself inside the zanpakuto, giving the blade itself a corrosive affect.

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    Re: Saroki Kaname

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    Re: Saroki Kaname

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