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    Custom Race - Lycanthrope

    Yaiba Zetsumei

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    Custom Race - Lycanthrope

    Post by Yaiba Zetsumei on Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:43 am

    Name of Race: Lycanthrope / Lycan

    Race Description: boys
    . Your character can look as you want. You have the choice of having the special ears and tail, they are not required. But if you have a tail describe what it looks like. The color of your characters hair is usually the color of the tails hair, but that is not required either.

    The small build of the Lycanthrope is a trick, they are actually amazingly strong. When angered the go crazy, killing everything but their own kind. If two Lycanthrope's mate their child will be a lycan.

    Traits: Lycans have the ability to jump higher and farther than any race discovered so far. They also all have claws, these claws can "unsheathe" and "sheathe". The eyes of the Lycan are slit, like a wild beast (you can choose your own color though). They also can use a flash-step type of thing called sochi.

    Race History: The first Lycanthrope was made when he was bitten by an odd looking wolf. The transformation was slow and painful. When changed into a Lycanthrope, they go into their full fledged Lycan state (see race specific transformation). After a night the man shrank into a human looking form. However the ears, forearm, claws, the legs, knee down, and eyes remained. He was the only human with this power. He also found that he know had the power to control reiatsu. He later figured out the he could make any human a Lycanthrope by biting them or cutting them with his claws. He quickly spread the "disease", and for a time the released form Lycan was roaming the planet. Soon they considered themselves a race, and colonized. They know have a huge city (full of just Lycanthrope's just off the coast of Japan.

    Race Specific Transformation: The final release for both male and female. The fur color is dependent on the color of the hair on the human form.

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    Re: Custom Race - Lycanthrope

    Post by Artemis on Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:17 am

    Okay that is better now...


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