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    Training! (solo)


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    Training! (solo)

    Post by SatoshiSonkei on Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:29 pm

    Satoshi walked into the training grounds with a confidence as he found another student standing in the middle of the arena. Satoshi walked over to the wall, and grabbed a wooden Bokken from the stack and walked back over to the dummies. He was knew at this kind of battle, using a longer sword that is his Zanpakuto, rather than using the short blade that he was accustomed to using in his past life. He swung a few practice strikes before striking at the dummmy. He swung numerous different combinations of attacks and imaginary evades. When he was satisfied with his practice he sat down and drank some water. He looked into the sky as a single bead of sweat rolled down from the walls of his hair on his forehead. It rolled smoothly down to his eyebrow, and then dropped off his eyelash, into his eye. "AHH!!!!" Satoshi yelled out as the salt in his sweat burned his eyes. He rubbed his right eye for the next 30 seconds or so. The other student turned around and laughed at Satoshi's pain. Satoshi stood up and walked over to the man, who was at this time raising his bokken to defend himself. Ezrachek slowed his pace and held out a hand. "Name's Satoshi Sonkei. Care to spar?"

    The student said nothing, shaking his head to agree and jumped back, readying his stance. Satoshi laughed at the eager student. He was eager as well to get some training in, but shook the thoughts aside, until after the battle. Satoshi sprinted forward, swinging the blade towards the student's throat. The student arched backwards, dodging the blade. Satoshi noticed his lack of balance and slid in between the boys legs, swinging his bokken at his legs, simulating a strategic strike in battle. The boy grunted as he kicked off with his feet and did a backflip. Satoshi then swung downward in an attempt to smash his bokken into the boy's stomach, however he was too slow, as his bokken slid down the edge of the man's body. He landed on his feet, jolting forward as he swung furiously towards Satoshi. His movements were quick, but rash and predictable. Satoshi continuously blocked the attacks until his opening came. The boy swung towards Satoshi's throat, and Satoshi raised his Bokken, blocking the attack as he stepped forward towards the boy. Satoshi shoved a hard knee upward, lodging it into the student's chest, sending him airborne. Satoshi kicked off the ground, launching himself to the air. He appeared beside the boy who was still in the air. He spun around with great speed, bringing his Bokken down towards the boy's chest. The student raised his bokken last second to avoid a direct contact from the bokken. However, the force of the attack shoved the boy quickly towards the ground. He smashed into the dirt, as he slid back, stopping after his head hit the wall. The student rolled over and spit blood from his mouth. He sprinted towards Satoshi stabbing towards his abs. Satoshi crouched to build power in his legs, and he launched himself airborne again. He placed his foot on the student's bokken, and did a front flip, landing behind the boy. Satoshi sprinted closer towars the boy, placing the sharper end of his bokken to his throat. "Game over. Nice spar though." The student dropped his Bokken and raised his hands, admitting defeat. They both went over and sat down against the wall, and Satoshi shared his water with the man. They talked for a while about pointless stuff and about their past life, or that of which they actually remember. The sun rolled down below the walls of the district and Satoshi raised to his feet. Pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, he said his goodbyes to the student and joked about having a rematch sometime. Satoshi smoked the cigarette with a smile on his face, blowing the smoke into the air as it was caught by the breeze and carried on it's way. Satoshi conserved the cigarette to last the whole trip back to his barracks, where he was staying. He finished the cigarette, and disposed of the butt in the trash can. He walked into his room, laid his head on the bed, and was instantly asleep.

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