The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....

    Custom Race, Enigma

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    Custom Race, Enigma

    Post by Ringan Tokeshi on Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:39 am

    Name of Race:

    High spirtual power and awareness and they are a hybrid of humans mixed with spiritual essence extracted from spirtual beings as in shinigami quincy or bounts. They can also be a mix of many other races, but usually too much mixing will cause an inability to even utilize spirtual powers and may even cause retardation of the brain, from the overstimulating process of genetic spirtual altering. Because of the complex advancement and propagation of spirtual power in the cell, it spreads almost like a cancer, but is more viruse like when it is altered into a humans body. When these things are taken into effect a human is no longer entirely human, because of all the changes to the bodies anatomy from the tough and rugged process. Any spirtual being resource may allow the transformation.

    Race history:
    A more recent creation in the world. Followers of Assiah the Reaper. Assiah was a spirtitually aware ordinary human, who could sense spirits at a young age. He discovered hollows the day they came in and destroyed his small town in japan, he even watched as the shinigami arrived to late and ended up killing the hollows. He strayed far from the city eventually passing out from exhaustion as he tired himself by running too much. He awoke and told his stories to his saviors, wealthy merchants that had been traveling the road he had slept on.

    Eventually he was adopted by them and gained their some of their riches, he used them to travel and preach his word, inventing a clan of people who had hate for spirtual beings. Assiah funded scientist to studie many spirtual specimens and soon enough they began expanding on the idea of spirtual beings. Soon enough his followers grew, with weapons and advanced technology he eventually distrubuted items that allowed the seeing of beings and things that assisted with killing them off. As this expanded further it was to be kept secret from others that were not chosen. The penalty for exposing it was death.

    Assiah eventually died off, but only because he came to the end of his life, having contracted cancer most likely from smoking cigarettes. He died rather young and didn't have a successor so the scientist took the reigns to the organization. Eventually they created more and more things and even gained the ability to create a new race. They used spirtual power and distrubuted it to the cells of humans and this caused a cancer like mutation that implanted spirtual energy and altered the bodies anatomy itself, changing the genes of those who were altered.

    Scientists command what is now called "The Agency", which is a group of these spirtually aware creations that are called Enigmas. Everybody in the agency is supposed to be an Enigma those who don't survive the transformation are thrown away and experimented on further to identify more spiritual questions. These enigmas play a role in all interactions withg spirtual beings and also are supposed to kill any on sight.

    Enigmas are known for their spirtually power and speed. They undergo ungodly training to become strong and often are tested mentally with many tests. The rank of these members are evaluated from the higher ups. The leader is untouched and remains shrouded by the darkness.

    Race Specific transformation:
    At Rank 6 all detectives gain a form that grant's +15 to any two stats of the persons choosing. When this form is granted, a hazy reiatsu aura, that outlines the person leaves a hazy like body figure around them, eminating so much power that this form that follows them is their reiatsu trailing behind them.

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