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    Custom Race - Dragon


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    Custom Race - Dragon

    Post by Terra on Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:50 am

    Name of Race:Dragon

    Race Description:

    Western Dragons:

    Eastern Dragon:

    Hybrid of the two Strains:

    Traits: There are two different strain of dragons, Western and Eastern, which both have a distinct physical appearance. They both have a tail, scales, and claws but only the western has wings. Both are able to fly, and have four claws on the ends of four legs, Western dragons however have a torso and body really, while Eastern just have a serpentine body.

    They are able to disguise themselves as humans, and able to revert back with relative ease unless they are sealed in human form. This is often the punishment for severe outcasts, and is a great struggle to break through to take dragon form again.

    Any half breeds in which they have one dragon parent and one human/shinigami/quincy/hollow parent, the dragon genes are dominant so that any powers the other parent might have NEVER show up in the child.

    Race History: Both strains of Dragons were without human form in the far past, however humans either tried to kill them off the face of the earth or worshiped them so much like gods and asked for things. That now in Dragon Society they have human forms so no humans will know what they are.

    Dragons however are social creatures, and each region, usually a country, has one group. For instance England, Italy, South Africa, and Japan each have one group. But for the bigger ones, like Russia, there is commonly several groups since there is more room for their territory. Several families tend to make up these groups, and the head of each family but that is not always the case for all groups.

    Their laws are so tight that any relations with non dragons, revealing their true selves or telling others what they are, or even murder of their own kind ends in being branded an outcast. Depending on the severity, the Dragon is sealed in human form unable to go back to Dragon form or use their Powers unless they have much in the way of training.

    Almost like a secret society themselves like the Soul Society, they however have not shown themselves to the government. But now with how the Shinigami and Humans are working together, they have to have their own kind in high places to help keep themselves a secret by using essentially corruption and persevere.

    Race Specific Transformation:At rank six dragons are able to enter what is called an enraged form which grants them a bonus of +15 to two stats. Enraged form can be anything from added wings, legs and claws, or aura around them. Just something different from their normal Dragon form appearance.


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