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    Character Transfer Info

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    Character Transfer Info

    Post by Sal Norongachi on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:14 am

    On Beyond the Dark we allow people to bring in characters from other RP sites. To do this is quite simple and follows an almost exact course as creating a fresh, new character. However with a few slight differences.

    1) Create your character application.

    2) In said application link to your characters bio on the forum you are transferring from.

    3) In your application you MUST complete a RP sample (This mostly applies in cases where the forum you originate from has no formal stat system or it differs wildly from BtD's).

    4) Staff will look over your character, review the stat system from the forum you originated from and then determine what Rank your character will start at. After this you will be given the opportunity to add the stat points specified by the approving staff member to your character. Also any technique points garnered by the rank you are given will be added to your bio and can be spent at any time.

    Its that simple. Please note that there will be no reconsideration on the Rank the staff give you. We will take every possible precaution to make sure this rank is fair. So please, for the love of whiskey, don't argue about it.

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