The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....

    Ansgar RPG



    Ansgar RPG

    Post by Galvesar on Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:42 am

    Once a gorgeous land of mystery and magic, the world of Ansgar now cries out for souls to save it from the footseps of destruction. People of Lorcaan endure the seemingly endless turmoil that has arisen from factions battling each other over various goals of greed and conquest, and the peace that once reigned over the land is now just as elusive as the supposed deities that watch over it. As the banners of war raise and the events consuming the world slowly become history, the biggest question stands; what will you do? Do you stand as a beacon of hope against the diluge of terror, or unleash chaos over all those dear to Ansgar? It's all up to you...

    As one of the friendly creators of the new and growing forum of Ansgar, I'd like to personally welcome you to our website. Our forum is in its early stages, and it's an excellent opportunity to become a part of the rapidly growing community! We strive for friendliness, fairness, and an awesome time!

    - Our forum features a completely customizable and evolving fantasy world for all to enjoy!

    - Unique combat systems such as limit breaks, duo-techs, and triple-techs are available.

    - We accept role-players of all skill levels.

    - Quests, activities, and new places to explore are constantly added to the world for your entertainment!

    The world of Ansgar awaits your presence, so wait no longer. Join today!

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