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    soul fragments.


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    soul fragments.

    Post by buingu on Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:10 pm

    New Ability Name: fragment colecting

    Description of New Ability:
    as some one dies a thin line seems to join the user and the person dieing. a fragment of there soul is then stored. to be used as tribute or to bring them back later if the user is of high enough soul energy or rank (rank 6 )fragments can be sacrficed for a tempery (1 mabey 2 post depending if its used in that post) for a + 10 to spirit power (for what ever purpose) but a dice roll must be made. on a 1 the user experiances back fire and gets a - 5 to spirit energy. to collect a fragment the user must be within (the forum topic) and must have touched the person at some point. they must then roll a d6 and on roll of 3+ obtains the soul(unless in combat still in what case it is on the roll of 6 only as it coutns as beeing destracted)

    Link to RP learning new ability: enate race ability.

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