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    Jikan purotekuta - death stroke/strike


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    Jikan purotekuta - death stroke/strike

    Post by buingu on Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:02 pm

    New Ability Name: death stroke
    death strike (later ranks)

    Description of New Ability:
    rank 2: death stroke. a pules is sent out from the user (spirt power needed 15) it rips apart the land and if hits eny one or thing sends it flying with pain running through there nerves but (if spirt power is not higher than 25) drains the user of all(if 20 or below) spirit energy. it can be used if a soul fragment is avable for use as compsation. this elimnates the minimum resutse but still leaves the user drained if theres is under 25 (will be explained soul fragments in my profile if my race gets acepted)

    rank 4: death strike levels 1-10
    at rank 4 they use all the users power. they apper as a large white bubble in hte target area releasing huge amounts of spirit energy and (the higher level ones 10+) warp space and time
    level 1: very little damage but large target area (damage = some one slashing them lightly with a sword every where)
    the damage scales up as the level but the area it effects scales down

    rank 6: death strike 11-20
    the first 10 levels now do not complety drain a charcter but do leave them sweaty and tiered.
    it keeps scaling up but now a area neds to be shouted as well (eg death strike level 11 area 1) the smaller the number of area the more drain (can kill the user) as it effects a larger area.

    note: useing death stroke or strike with under 20 spirit power left will kill the user unless a soul shard/ fragment is present

    Link to RP learning new ability:going to 2 of the Jikan purotekuta libarys and reading the right books .( dice roll ) chance of learning death stroke nartuly in a fight (dice roll 2 dice if BOTH are 6 then it is used by acdent with no negtives (first time after that negtives will be counted))

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