The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....



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    Post by buingu on Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:47 pm

    Name of Equipment: battle armour K-301

    Type of Equipment: armour/gun

    Description: looks like a old medevil suit of armour painted black and red highlights. it seems to have adaptations around the users arm to 'intgrate' into there skin and bond with it on the atomic level providing a cannon

    Effects: chance to dodge +20 (not it light and durable so - 5 speed dodge incudes takeing the impact and moving out its way) once per 3 posts(my posts) can fire a beam of light that is very small and fast (colour varies) that is simler in power to a grey ray cero but drains the user fast (10% fatuige per shot note fatuige will regain during the fight if i sit there takeign the hits in the armour)

    self repair function: repairs the user and armour but canot move for 2 posts durign the repairs. if enougth damage is inflicted the repairs are called off and teh system reboots hevily damaged (disables the cannon and lowers the dodge/ armour to + 5 keeps the negtive -5 speed theough)

    bio keying: only people with the creators promision can wear it or any version, this is wiered into the base codeing of it. if any one else trys to wear it they suffer - 10 speed and only gain 10 dodge/armour and hte cannon and repair functions will not work

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