The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....

    Yen Sid Academy [pb]



    Yen Sid Academy [pb]

    Post by Minion on Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:36 pm

    In a small town located in New Hampshire, a new semester of school is starting at Yen Sid Academy. Students, new and old, are crossing the threshold to this place of learning. But these are no ordinary students and this is no ordinary school. Everyone who is in this school- whether it be freshmen, seniors, teachers even- is one heck of a character. Some want to be part of a new world while others want to conquer the world... or rather the school. All of them have a familiar personality, as if they came straight from the mind of Walt Disney himself. Are you prepared to join the ranks of this miraculous school? Will you choose to be a perky and proper princess or prince or be deceitful and mischevious like so many villianous teens before? Either way you will never forget this experience once you have been to this unique school. Be prepared.

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