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    A jog around (Open)


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    A jog around (Open)

    Post by Kaiyo on Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:00 am

    Feeling unusually happy this morning, Kaiyo had persuaded herself to take a walk around the inner workings of Seireitei. Admittedly, her methods of getting in there had been a little sneaky, but the blue haired girl had felt a certain curiosity for her future working environment; one which books along could not sufficiently quell. Edging back from the tour group she'd sped onto the end of, the girl spun around the nearest corner and waited for a moment. Actually quite enjoying such an adrenaline rush. Maybe she should break rules more often? No...She knew that today was different, but it was a good different. A day she didn't have to worry about fighting; a now, constant dread of hers. The trickling thought send shivers down her spine, she shook her head. Trying to rid such doubt.

    Kaiyo sighed slowly, her chest rising and falling as steadily as ever. A glance up to the sky spread the girl's smile, as if the wonderful weather had melted it across her face. Her hand traced up and down the wall behind her, the labyrinth of buildings would have her lost in no time. Taking full advantage of her speed and guile, she grasped her hand around the ledge of the building, throwing her agile body onto the tiles, landing silently as she stood up straight. Bouncing on the spot for a moment, she leapt onto the next rooftop, gathering speed as she began to run. With no direction, or destination, she was just enjoying the run.

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