The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....

    Death... [Solo]


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    Death... [Solo]

    Post by Delia on Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:41 pm

    Bang! It only took one shot to send the entire mall into disarray.

    The people around her were scattering likes cockroaches. Whilst the human population liked to believe itself to be free to animalistic tendencies, everything always came back to square one. Everything always came back to survival of the fittest and while humans had every right to boast about their massive brains and their ability to use a doorknob, when it came down to whether they lived or died, most put a tremendous amount of reliability on instincts and the basic rules of nature. They relied on their ability to flee, their brain completely useless because a normal human can’t simply think their way out of death.

    Bang! Another shot went off and the girl turned her head for a moment as she made her way to the escalators. She needed to get out. She needed to hide. She needed to live. Reaching the bottom of the electronic stairs, she twisted through the crowd of people that surrounded her as she glanced in the direction of the main entrance. It was crowded… People were basically at a standstill. Bang! The third shot sounded as though it were only about 50 meters away. The killer was getting closer and she had nowhere to go. Ducking between a garbage can and a center stand advertising different kinds of jewelry, the girl lifted her hands to her ears and closed her eyes tightly. Maybe the gunman was targeting certain people and she could only hope that it wasn’t targeting her.

    And for one moment… For one horrifying moment, everything in her world went blank. She couldn’t see anything, she couldn’t hear anything; lifting her hands to her face, her sense of touch was gone as well. It was as though her senses were completely wiped out. When she finally came to, everything was chaos. She could hear people running, could hear people screaming, and turning her head she could see people flooding the nearest exit. Pushing herself from the floor, she blinked a few times. She must’ve fallen while she was running… But why had she been running? Why couldn’t she remember anything past the fight she had with her parents? How had she ended up at the mall? What was happening?

    Confusion. Absolute Confusion.

    That was all the girl was feeling. Glancing from left to right, she contemplated making a run for the exit, but why were people trying to get away? In her mind, she knew that she should probably be trying to leave to… Based on the screams and the scrambling; leaving seemed to be the only sane course of action, but she couldn’t bring herself do to it. Looking around, she spotted a nearby officer and moved in his direction; dodging a few straggling people as best she could. He would know what she needed to do.

    Standing in front of the officer, she waited for a minute hoping he would acknowledge her presence… But nothing happened. “Excuse me?” No answer. “Excuse me? I don’t know what is happening.” No answer. Call her conceited, but being as petite as she was, she was usually able to obtain a person’s sympathy card after the first few words left her mouth. Perhaps she was being ridiculous by looking for answers to questions she wasn’t even sure she wanted to ask, but it felt like the right thing to do. After waiting a few more moments, she waved her hand in front of the man’s face, but still didn’t get an acknowledgement and the irritation was building inside of her. She was about to tap the man’s shoulder to gain his attention when his voice froze her hand in it’s place and causing her to take a step back and give him a little space.

    “We’ve found four dead, and the target is still on the loose.” Hearing his voice pause and watching his eyebrows furrow, she figured that the information he was being fed through his earpiece wasn’t good. Watching him, the words he had just said didn’t seem to click with her brain. “We can’t seem to pinpoint his location anywhere. It only took a couple minutes for this mall to go to hell, Sir. For all we know, he could be long gone.” As the small flurry of words left the man’s mouth, the girl’s eyes widened as the realization struck her. Four people were dead and they still hadn’t found the gunman. Why hadn’t he just told her that she needed to get out? Why hadn’t he pushed her towards the exit? Why hadn’t he told her to hide? “I understand. The bodies are being left as undisturbed as we can manage right now. The paramedics have been called, but there‘s no sign of life in any of them. We’re doing the best we can.” Hearing his conversation continue she could feel her irritation transforming into anger. If he was doing the best he could, then why hadn’t he acknowledged her existence?

    Bang! Her body twitched as the gun sounded, and almost immediately she was crouching as though being closer to the ground would increase her chances of living. The sound was familiar, but she didn’t understand why. She had never been to a gun range, had never even played an FPS, but here the sound of a gun was sending shivers down her spine.

    “Fuck!” Hearing the curse come from the man’s mouth, she looked up just in time to watch his body pass though hers. Sitting there for a moment, the girl did her best to keep from screaming. The body of another person had just passed through her, but there was no one else around to notice. No passing stranger, no onlooker, no concerned citizen, no one had seen the officer walk through her as though she was nothing more than air. Placing a hand on the ground to steady herself, she turned around to watch the man turn a corner that would lead him to the escalators. The gunshot had come from that direction and he was heading straight for it. Pushing herself off the ground, the girl moved to follow the officer, but something in her peripheral caught her attention before she could move any further. Something that wasn’t meant to be there.

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