The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....

    An escape from Paris (Solo)

    Auryuu Spire

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    An escape from Paris (Solo)

    Post by Auryuu Spire on Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:31 pm

    She was young. Her body glittered with her makeup as the spotlight shined upon her beautiful porcelain skin. Soft chatter flooded the whole theatre as everyone stared in awe. Auryuu sat back in his chair relaxed, as the woman's voice hit high notes and then descended to a calming tone. Even Auryuu, a shinigami whose seen almost everything in these 500 some years was captivated by her allure. She was the closest thing to a siren he had ever seen, but sadly this enchantment would not last for much longer.

    A loud thunderous accompanyment of footsteps came from below as almost immediately they followed coming from behind Auryuu's ears. The door behind him opened loudly. He turned his head slightly, but nonchalantly to see a couple heavily armed men blocking the doorway. The Agency had found him. The womans glorious moment trumped by well armed thugs. A depressing and sad occurance to Auryuu, who had enjoyed her voice.

    Auryuu quickly turned his gaze to the various spots around the upper balcony. A few upperclass looking men and women had been surronding him. Auryuu was sporting a stylish suit that made him blend in well with the old audience even though he looked to be but a young adult. He knew he had to think quick. Shifting from his gigai Auryuu now viewed the abrupt panic as people below ran around. The gun sounds that followed below haunted his ears as his plan began to take fluition. Auryuu placed his hands on the ground as he prepared to summon his zanpaktou to aid him.

    "Value, Mono Shan"

    A blue box welcomed the arrival of his zanpaktou, as it revealed a bright blue light and revealed the chains inside. He picked them up hastily as he jolted up to his feet now sending a message to the men with his eyes. It would be too late though. As the blue liquid from inside the chains began to morph to a bright green.

    "Aizou Soushi"

    Auryuu quickly expanded the chains as his arm thrusted them forward. Sticking into the men like a thumbtack but more deadly as the sharp arrow point stuck into them. The men began to raise their weapons, after each whimpered, but were too late as the bright white boxes began to balloon from the chain in the middle. Once the boxes traveled to the tip of the chain it was useless. A loud boom came from the men who now suffered loss of limbs as well as death. The one who had been touched first by the internal assualt of the shrapnel like boxes that followed prior suffered heavy breathing and his body was more afflicted than the others.

    "I'm not sorry"

    Auryuu whispered to himself as he proceeded to ignore the screaming people who sat in the seats unaware of him because of his invisibility to humans. Instead Auryuu looked to the songstress. A frightened look she held as her expression. Humans were fragile masterpieces. Shinigami were only tools of death manipulated to kill other beings. Such as the hollows. Although they did deserve it, which Auryuu had come to accept.

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