The world has changed. Five Hundred years have come and gone and the battles of old have fallen into myth and legend. Now something is stirring beyond the veil, something that has not awoken in a millennia past. The world has changed.....

    Stowaway (Felix, Spire)

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    Stowaway (Felix, Spire)

    Post by Auryuu Spire on Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:19 pm

    He took a deep breath as he lay relaxed on a small crate surronded by others of different sizes. The enviroment was beautiful; Breeze was absolutely peaceful, surronded by an elegant view of the sun and the water. A sight he did not deserve. A stowaway left to travel to the socialist United States. A journey to find more supporters. More spiritually gifted humans to aid him in his quest to reconfigure the system in Soul Society. The cause he himself put together to cleanse the corruption in his former home. Now it was no home to him, Soul society a camoflauged hell. Painted with the gotei's deception and pampered nobles, who's souls were less than the food the poor ate.

    Soon enough he could see the port. A port setup in what used to be the gorgeous Florida. It was now a city of mostly thieves looking to steal from the shipments coming in seaside. After his stop here a journey to the island of Cuba would be in order. It was only natural that it should be Cuba remaining a still secluded place. Maybe he could find some spiritual talent there. Hoping the government had not seized them for their own benefit.

    With a look to his right and left Auryuu soon turned the corner of the ship finding himself at the back portion. The anchor lay below as his ears picked up the sound of the variety of footsteps approaching his former location. The one with all the shipment and crates. Auryuu had to act fast to avoid being spotted. With a small jump and a quick grabbing of the anchor's chain he found himself slowly descending to the water below. Luckly the sun would no doubt dry him off after he had touched land. Auryuu took a dive underwater as he continued with steady motion propeling himself closer to the docks of the port. It felt nice; Like a cooling bath. That submerged feeling made him feel like he was back in his zanpaktou's inner world. Only the water wasn't as thick and wasn't as vibrant as the neon green. Granted this water was extremely blue.

    Sadly his swim had to end as he reached his hand up to grab the wooden docks, supporting himself as he elevated his body using only his pure arm strength to bring him up as he eventually pulled himself onto the docks standing up soon after. Luckly no one had spotted him. The boat he was on was the only sign of life strangely enough. Florida used to be a tourism attraction, but the socialism had ended disney land and universal studios a long time ago.

    It was time to scout out the area. He remembered it 500 years ago. It had changed so much in contrast with it's past appearance. People wore rag like material. Similiar to the muslims in the middle east, but it differed in the sense that it just appeared to be less strict. Some didn't wear the clothing though. They just wore anything that would be cool and comfortable to move around in. The heat of Florida was becomming a problem due to the ever growing amount of radiation in the world. Some also argued global warming, but that barely played as much as a part as the nuclear war prior did.

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