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    Shikai and Bankai


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    Shikai and Bankai

    Post by Artemis on Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:16 pm

    Okay people this is your friendly Administrator Arty coming to you live from his computer for the midnight post! I am here to tell you all about the Shikai and Bankai.

    Lets start with to earn this a shinigami has to learn to journey into his inner world and converse with the spirit of his zanpakutō in order to learn it's name. Most zanpakutō require that you pass some sort of test, be it a mental or physical feat; if you pass the test you learn your zanpakutō's name if you fail you are doomed to spend your life as Vegetable. RP wise you will have to be at least rank 2 and post a shikai template describing your zanpakutō spirit, and you will unlock the special abilities at Ranks 3, 4, 5 requiring posts of good quality and length.

    Bankai however is learned by forcing your zanpakutō spirit into the real world and dominate it physically. The spirit will try to kill you if you do not find it's true form you will surely die. RP wise you have to wait till you are at least Rank 7 and then post a 2000 word application or you can have a thread with a staff member RPing as your zanpakutō's spirit to fight if you prefer to have a serious fight.

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